How does the Bug patch protect me from mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes and other pests are attracted to the carbon dioxide from our bodies. The only active ingredient in the patented Derma Bug Patch is natural, organic vitamin B1 (thiamine). The B1 in your system from the patch masks carbon dioxide that is emitted through your pores and makes you invisible to mosquitoes. While initially insects may be attracted to the carbon dioxide of breath, once they enter into a closer look, they find your skin unattractive.

How Does It Work

The Bug Patch works by providing your bloodstream with a dose of supplemental vitamin B1 directly through your skin.

Active Ingredients

The only active ingredient in The Bug Patch is vitamin B1, which is a safe and effective method of protection against insects and mosquitoes.

Vitamin B1

Any excess vitamin B1 absorbed through the skin will simply pass through your body, it will not accumulate.

Full Day Protection

Invisipatch offers full day head-to-toe protection from mosquitoes, flies, and ticks with a single application!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Melissa S.
Mount Olive, MS

“I have always hated putting DEET and other chemicals on my kids because of the dangers associated with them but Bug Patch is totally safe. I have used them when fishing, camping, riding horses and other sports. DEET does not repel horse flies but Bug Patch does! Thank you for making something so safe that works so well.”

Carol Kelly

“I would strongly recommend The Bug Patch from a personal as well as professional evaluation by my Mission Team in Panama. The patch is easy to apply and lasts from 36-48 hours. I did not experience any irritation at the site of application or any side effects. The Bug Patch provided an outstanding protection for our Medical Missions team. I highly recommend this product.”

Shannon E.

“My daughter swears by these!”

Shannon C.

“I got mine a little over a week ago, living in south west Florida the mosquitoes are bad year round. I am VERY impressed with this product!”

Michael B.

“I have used them twice. They work!”

Shannon J.

“I was super surprised while push mowing my yard they left me alone. If I had any on me they did not bite.”

Brooke T.

“I swear on my life these work it’s amazing.”

Recent Study

In 2009, The Bugpatch was tested by a researcher in a heavily mosquito-infested region of Africa by the Siouxland Tanzania Education and Medical Ministry.

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