The Derma Bug Patch is a 100% Organic and DEET-free bug deterrent

The Derma Bug Patch offers full day head-to-toe protection

Mosquitoes, flies, and ticks

Mosquitoes and other pests are attracted to the carbon dioxide from our bodies. The only active ingredient in the patented Derma Bug Patch is natural, organic vitamin B1 (thiamine). The B1 in your system from the patch masks carbon dioxide that is emitted through your pores and makes you invisible to mosquitoes. While initially insects may be attracted to the carbon dioxide of breath, once they enter into a closer look, they find your skin unattractive.

  • The only active ingredient in The Bug Patch is vitamin B1. Utilizing vitamin B1 is a safe and effective method of protection against insects and mosquitoes.
  • The Bug Patch works by providing your bloodstream with a dose of supplemental vitamin B1 directly through your skin.
  • Raising the level of vitamin B1 in your bloodstream then deters most insects.
  • Any excess vitamin B1 will simply pass through your body, it will not accumulate.

NutraFuels, Inc., soon to be NutraLife BioScience, Inc. has acquired a patent for a unique and natural formulation that deters insects including mosquitoes through a dermal delivery system patch. On January 28, 2019, NutraFuels founded a new wholly owned subsidiary, NutraDerma Technologies, Inc. to commercialize the patented dermal patch. The all-natural insect deterrent dermal patch is the first planned product for NutraDerma.

NutraDerma plans to develop other nutraceutical, skin care, cosmetic and wellness dermal skin patches including vitamin supplement patches and various formulations designed to harness the benefits of combining key ingredients and technologies to support health and wellness. 

NutraDerma Technologies will soon be marketing and distributing the bug patch in the following sectors:

  1. Governments
    • Ministries and departments of health
    • Department of Education (for children)
    • Emergency response efforts
  2. At risk populations
    • All
  3. Agencies & Nonprofits
    • The World Health Organization
    • Red Cross
    • The Zika Foundation
  4. Over the counter
    • Camping supply stores
    • Convenience stores
    • Grocery Stores